What is Solar Energy?

Solar panel’s capture the sun’s light and converts it into electricity, that process is called “photovoltaic,’’ or ‘’PV’’. Solar energy that is produced from sun, is clean and renewable source of energy that is harnessed by solar collection methods such as solar cells convert sun light into useable energy such as electricity. It can be used to power homes, businesses, industries, cars, aircrafts, calculators, and other small appliances, along with many other diverse applications. How does a solar panel work? In short, light particles from the sun are captured by solar cells in a solar panel, where they are converted to electricity and that electricity can be added to energy grid for use. Solar panels can be wired together to make a solar arrangement. The more panels you have, the more electricity you’ll generate. Benefits of solar energy. Solar is clean and good for the Earth Solar energy is good for the economy because it is cheaper than other sources. Solar power is profitable Solar is good for business Solar power is sustainable Solar power for homes and businesses with rooftop solar installations can reduced electricity bills. Electricity generated can be exported back to the grid in exchange for payments or bill credits through various programs.