Solar System Design / Solar Power System Design

Nawal Khan Solar Energy Solutions provides customized solar system designs services for their customers’ solar energy systems. Our experienced solar technicians ensure that solar installation is done safely and efficiently to provide a long-lasting, reliable solar solution.

Solar Installation / Solar System Installation / Solar Penal Installation:

We provide solar system installation services for all types of solar projects. We have expert solar installers for Solar Penal Installation who can do Solar Installation for any size of solar system.

Solar Tube well / Solar Powered Tube Well:

Solar powered tube well is becoming increasingly common. We can help farmers to reduce their cost of production through solar powered irrigation system.

On-Grid Solar Systems:

We provide on-grid solar system for energy solutions, which are connected to the electrical grid. This allows customers to sell excess energy back to the grid through net metering, reducing their overall energy costs.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

We also offer off-grid solar systems, which are ideal for solar energy solutions for remote locations with no access to the electrical grid. These systems are completely self-sufficient, providing customers with a reliable source of energy even in remote locations.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid Solar systems come with a battery backup for power storage. During load-shedding OnGrid Solar System also stops working. Considering the recurring brakedowns countrywide, Hybrid Solar System with battery is best solution. Which keeps working even during load-shedding. 

Solar Net Metering

Nawal Khan Solar Energy Solutions can help you to do Solar Net Metering for your solar system. You can sell excess electricity and can make your electricity bill Zero.