1Kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

1Kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

In this article we will explain features of a 1kw solar energy system. 1kw solar system is good for a family whose monthly consumption is up to 100 units of electricity.

Below are the common questions of customers and their answers about a 1kw solar system.

What is the difference between a 1kw and 1kva solar system?

Main difference between 1kw solar system and 1kva solar system is that 1kw system has 1000 watts but 1kva system has 800 watts only. Obviously, the number of solar panels will be less in 1kva system as compared to 1kw system. The solar inverter will also be of smaller capacity in 1kva system and load running capacity will also be lesser as compared to 1kw system. Be very careful while comparing solar system quotes of different solar companies, for clarity we suggest customers to ask solar company to give you solar system quote in KW rating instead of KVA rating.

How many watts are there in a 1kw system?

Typically, there will be 1,000 watts in a 1kw system. But as currently we are using 540w solar panels, 2 solar panels in 1kw solar system, which constitutes 1080 (540x2) watts in total, so you get 80 watts above 1,000 watts with our 1kw system.

What load we can run on 1kw system?

Keeping in view solar system efficiency losses which can be up to 20% or more, you can only run total load of less than 1,000 watts on a 1Kw solar system.

On a 1kw solar system you can run 4 fans, 4 led light, one air cooler.

How many units of electricity a 1kw system can produce on daily and monthly basis?

On average a 1kw solar system can produce up to 4kwh of electricity on daily basis that becomes 120 units per month. Considering the weather impact and solar system power losses, on safer side we say a 1kw solar system will produce 100 units of electricity in a month on average.

How much area is needed for 1kw system?

One Inverex 540-Watt solar panel length is 7.4 feet and width is 3.72 feet. Considering extra space required for cleaning approximately the roof top area of 80 square feet will be required for a 1kw solar system installation. If we talk about square meters an area of 9 square meter will be required for 1kw solar energy system installation.

Which company solar panels do we use in 1Kw solar energy system?

We use quality solar components in our solar systems and use panels of the best solar companies only. i.e Longi Solar Panel, Trina Solar Panel, Jinko Solar Panel, JA Solar Panel, Inverex Solar Panel etc.

Which company solar inverter we use in 1Kw solar energy system?

We are using Inverex Solar Inverter, Tesla Solar Inverter or Solarmax Solar Inverter in 1Kw solar systems.

How much battery backup do you offer in 1kw solar system?

Battery backup in 1kw solar system consists of one 80ah lead acid battery (Excide Solar Battery or Osaka Solar Battery). We use Excide 80AH Lead Acid Battery or Osaka 80AH Lead Acid Battery in 1Kw system.

What is the best place for solar panels to be installed?

Where the sun rays can directly hit the panels whole day, usually that can be your roof top.

What is the best place for solar inverters?

Keep solar inverter away from direct sun light, place should be airy and dry. Any flammable and hazardous material must be kept away from the system.

What will be included in 1kw system?

1kw hybrid solar system includes 2 solar panels of 540 watt each, one 1-kw solar inverter, one lead acid solar battery of 80ah, solar mounting structure, flexible DC wires, AC Wires, and complete solar installation.

What is the price of 1kw hybrid solar system?

The price of a 1kw hybrid solar system which includes battery backup is Pkr. 212,970.

If net metering is possible in 1Kw solar system?

No, net metering is only possible on 3kw solar system or above.

Disclaimer: Prices are based on PKR/USD exchange rate 277.15 dated 29-March-2024. Prices will increase according to increase in dollar price.

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