Solar System for One DC Fan Light

For customers who wants to run minimum DC load on solar, we have designed a Solar System with minimal DC load of One DC Fan & One DC Light with two different options.


Following solar components are included in this Option:

  1. One DC Fan 12 Volt
  2. One Inverex Solar Panel of 180 watt
  3. Solar Charge Controller 20amp
  4. Battery Daewoo Lead Acid DL/R-50 38 Ah
  5. Solar Stand
  6. DC Wire 6mm 9meter
  7. MC4 Connector
  8. Thimble 2 pieces
  9. Rawal Bolt 8 pieces
  10. Solar System Installation

Price of this solar system which includes one DC Fan is Pkr. 59,000

Option 2:

In option two all solar components are same except solar panel. Option two is with Techno King branded solar panel.

Price of this solar system with Techno King panel is Pkr. 49,000