Price of 80kw solar energy system

80 kW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Is a 80 kW Solar System Right for the Ideal Buyers?

Individuals and organizations deeply committed to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions will find the impact of an 80 kW solar system remarkable. It aids in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fosters a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The 80kW solar system is the most preferred choice for people who consume about 9,630-9700units of electricity/month. 

Space & Panels required for a 80 kW Solar System:

Most common residential solar panels are rated around 550watts these days, a 580 kilowatt (80,000 watt) solar system will require about 146 solar panels. Such a typical solar panel is around 2.2m x 1.1m, therefore a 80 kW system will require area around 560 to 570 m2.

80 kW Solar System Cost:

In Pakistan's average cost of a 80 kW solar system is between 8,724,000 pkr to 8,906,000 pkr.

80 kw Solar System Offered By Us

Option 1

Option 2

Price of 80KW On Grid Solar System with Jinko 550Watts Solar Panel, and 80KW Growatt Inverter

Price of 80KW On Grid Solar System with Longi 550Watts Solar Panel and 80KW Growatt Inverter

Pkr 8,724,000

Pkr 8,906,000

Energy Produced by a 80 kW System:

On average, A 80 kW solar system will generate about 320-330 kWh of electricity each day.

This system will produce roughly 9630-9700 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity per month, or between 115,560 and 116,400 kWhs per year.

Payback Period:

While the exact length will be unique for everyone, we’ve estimated that it will take roughly 3 to 4 years to pay off a 80 kW solar panel system.

By installing this 80 KW Solar System, you will be able to save on average 722,250-116,400 Rs Monthly and 8,667,000-8,667,000 annually.