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100 kW Solar System Price In Pakistan

Harvesting Solar Brilliance: Why Clients Should Consider a 100 kW Solar System?

A 100 kW solar system is a symbol of power and progress, well-suited for flourishing commercial enterprises, agricultural giants, institutional champions, utility-scale visionaries, green residential revolutionaries, environmental guardians, and those keen on solar incentives. Before venturing into this realm, it's essential to evaluate your energy needs, available space, and budget. If you are a client with ambitious energy consumption, abundant space, and a vision for a greener future, a 100 kW solar system represents an audacious but promising investment. It not only promises substantial cost savings but also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape, symbolizing a brighter and greener tomorrow.

The 100kW solar system is the most preferred choice for people who consume about 12,000-12,050units of electricity/month. 

Space & Panels required for a 100 kW Solar System:

Most common residential solar panels are rated around 550watts these days, a 100 kilowatt (100,000 watt) solar system will require about 182 solar panels. Such a typical solar panel is around 2.2m x 1.1m, therefore a 100 kW system will require an area around 700 to 750 m2.

100 kW Solar System Cost:

In Pakistan's average cost of a 100 kW solar system is between 10,911,000 pkr to 11,081,000 pkr.

100 kw Solar System Offered By Us

Option 1

Option 2

Price of 100KW On Grid Solar System with Jinko 550Watts Solar Panel, and 100KW Growatt Inverter

Price of 100KW On Grid Solar System with Longi 550Watts Solar Panel and 100KW Growatt Inverter

Pkr 10,911,000

Pkr 11,081,000

Energy Produced by a 100 kW System:

On average, A 100 kW solar system will generate about 400-420 kWh of electricity each day.

This system will produce roughly 12,000-12,050 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity per month, or between 144,000 and 144,600 kWhs per year.

Payback Period:

While the exact length will be unique for everyone, we’ve estimated that it will take roughly 3 to 4 years to pay off a 100 kW solar panel system.

By installing this 100 KW Solar System, you will be able to save on average 900,000-903,750 Rs Monthly and 10,800,000-10,845,000 annually.